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Do Japanese Cosmetics Have Higher Quality Than North American Ones?

Posted Aug 11 2012 2:01am

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Rozy asks…I read this on the web and some people here buy Japanese cosmetics off the interwebs because they say Japanese people have better technology at their disposal.  Is it true Japanese cosmetics are of higher quality than North American ones?

Mid Brain responds:  

There’s an interesting discussion thread in our Forum in response to Rozy’s question. Here are a few highlights:

  • Right Brain pointed out that such blanket generalizations are rarely true: it’s more likely that in some casesJapanese products are superior while in  other cases Western products are.
  • Alchemist chimed in by noting that Japanese cosmetic companies do a really good job on packaging. Bebelyn agreed and said it makes the products feel “custom made.”
  • Mendes did an interesting analysis of beauty company R&D of top companies based on an analysis of papers in PubMed. I’m not sure how valid this is, but it’s a very interesting approach. Looking at patents might also add to this view.
  • Mendes also points out that western cleansers tend to be “boring” mixtures of SLS/SLES and Betaine (true!) while Japanese products use more exotic surfactants (amino acid based, for example.)
  • This led to an exchange on the merits of waterproof sunscreens.

Check out this link to the Forum to read the entire discussion.

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What do YOU think? Are Japanese cosmetics (in general) superior to Western products? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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