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DNA unraveled - Boston Globe article

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:52pm

This is a fantastic article. (may require registration to read). I have contended in my posts on Intelligent Design that science will continue to uncover more and more complexity making it continually more difficult to explain how Darwinian evolution can possibly account for the intricate complexity. This article details how over the past few years, scientist's understanding of how DNA and RNA work reveal mind boggling levels of complex order and wonder.

"Science is just starting to probe the wilderness between genes," said John M. Greally, molecular biologist at New York's Albert Einstein School of Medicine. "Already we're surprised and confounded by a lot of what we're seeing."

... lots of basic biological beliefs are going out the window these days as new discoveries come so rapid-fire that the effect is almost more disorienting than illuminating.

Scientist who KNOW how things happened are disoriented? Come on, they know!! Don't they? No they don't. But they know this, nothing supernatural, certainly not a GOD could have possibly had anything to do with it. It just could not be and we KNOW it!! Our definition of "science" says so.

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