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DIY Medicine: Sinus Infections Caused by Wheat Gluten

Posted Jul 02 2012 12:00am

Five years ago programmer and author David Kadavy suffered from constant sinus infections . The doctors he had seen about it hadn’t helped: “They tended to test me for environmental allergies, stick a camera up my nose, and ultimately prescribe some bullshit allergy medication that didn’t work.” What did work:

One day I was reading an old book on holistic medicine. Of course, the first thing I wanted to know was how could I prevent being constantly congested. The book said that foods such as wheat, meat, and dairy often contributed to excess mucous production – and thus, sinusitis. I was miserable, and clearly willing to try anything , so I cut out all three of those things the very next day.

Within two days, the difference was incredible. My head had cleared up, I had boundless energy, and other problems – such as a patch of eczema that I had on my eyelid for years – all cleared up. . . . Through a bit of experimentation I was able to place the blame for my sinus woes (and that eczema thing) on wheat. . . . Not only did the experience have me looking at food differently, it also had me looking at medicine differently. How could I see so many GPs, allergy specialists, ENT [ear nose and throat] specialists, and dermatologists without a single one of them saying “you know, you should look at your diet?”

Yes, how could that be? And, to paraphrase Alex Tabarrok , what else are they missing?

Thanks to Melissa McEwen .

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