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Divorce and Adultery

Posted Oct 15 2008 7:54am

Later, the followers and Jesus were in the house. The
followers asked Jesus again about the question of divorce.
Jesus answered, "Any person that divorces his wife and
marries another woman is guilty of sin against his wife. He
is guilty of the sin of adultery. And the woman that divorces
her husband and marries another man is also guilty of

-- Mark 10:10-12 (ERV)

In a world which takes divorce lightly despite the carnage left in the
lives of children, God reminds his people that he takes seriously the
sin of divorce when it does not have a basis in your will. He views it
as adultery -- betrayal of the marriage covenant that was made with
him. He hates it and doesn't want it to happen among his people. Why?
Is it because he wants to limit or punish or harm them? No! Is it
because of the damage done to children and their faith? Can this be
overcome? Yes. As far as it is possible with us, divorce must be
prevented and Christian men and women must learn to make homes full of
love, joy, and peace through the power of the Holy Spirit.

O Father, forgive us and help us. So many people in our time feel the
pain of abandonment and loss because a spouse has left them. Others
have grown up wondering what they did wrong because a parent abandoned
them and their family. Heal our wounds. Heal our land. Pour out your
Spirit and restore our love for each other in our homes. Help us, O
Lord, find the way back to your grace and power so that we can be a
people of solid marriages, loving families, and compassionate ministry.
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
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