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Diversity in Learning (article) ...

Posted Sep 12 2008 1:09pm

Diversity in Learning (article)
How Economics Shaped Human Nature (talk)

Christmas (rituals and gifts)
American Idol (side-by-side comparison)
scrapbooking (art and artists)
business book (specialization)
music video (side-by-side comparison)
diet sodas (side-by-side comparison)
omiyage (rituals and gifts)
blogs and fan clubs (spread of technical knowledge)
red stained glass (early art = material science)
fancy chocolates (connoisseurship and gift rituals support material science)
computer chips (art = material science) (gift wrapping and material science)
Planet Earth (relation to the Aquatic Ape theory)
guitars/do animals like music? (enjoyment of music supports material science)
art and quasi-reinforcement (art and quasi-reinforcement act as ramps)
the pleasure of crafts
early value system (artisanal values)
intricate art (desire for intricacy advances technology)
Henry Rosenthal Pennant Collection (collectors support skilled artisans)
Make magazine (the hobby instinct)
osechi (holidays support artisans)
Easter tradition (holidays support artisans)
gift cards (gifts support artisans)
frugal materials (love of art –> material-science research)
the cellphone effect (the first words facilitated trade)
micropygmies (hunter-gatherers w/ trade different from those w/o trade)
autism (autistic “obsessions” reveal a universal tendency toward expertise)
Fourth of July (holidays increase demand for finely-made stuff)

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