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Discovery, creation, smiles and laughter

Posted Jan 20 2010 12:00am
I am just taking my second break from washing up on my stool and thought I'd update you on the going's ons in my world. Since I last blogged, I have continued to remind myself to remain as positive as I can and I think this is helping me lots. Breathlessness seems to be a bit of an issue at the mo but I am putting it down to lack of sleep. This has got worse now that there is a dog that continuously barks and howls all night at a local business by my bedroom window. It is becoming a real problem to be honest and I am not too sure what to do about it.

Part of my new years reso is to slow down on online shopping and so far I have been quite good. I have been focusing on interior design for the past couple of weeks and so have made some orders but I don't really count that in. My vice is clothes shopping so as long as I behave on that front then all is good!

The need for a holiday is tugging away at me and I find myself googling and tripadvisoring!!! has been a while but I do have a liver scan to get through before making any wild plans. I will be admitted into hosp for this soon as my poor venal and potential renal problems means that I am a pest and need monitoring. I am hoping my tac results from last week were aggregated (from two drops of blood) and so I will check with clinic later today.

Finally I was able to enrol on my sign language course this week which is ace...I think I've solved the parking situation and so should be a-ok...I have some months to get a bit fitter and stronger so that the journey won't be so tiresome! It is a fast track course and so the sessions will be long (6 hours). That should give me enough time to recover to make the journey home!

The weekend just gone was was like changing rooms except I dictated what I wanted (yay!) I am more than chuffed with the results and those who helped me know how much i appreciated all their efforts and hard work. Photographs, wall art, wall quotes now embrace my once blank walls and I can really see my apartment taking character and becoming a reflection of moi!

Loads of ideas were bouncing around and there was a real buzz happening here on Saturday. I was brought back down to earth with a few of my wacky ideas and there were things purported to me that I would never have thought of. I think I like simple, but effective style and the phrase "Less is more" is what I must refer too. I used alot of cheap roll paper from ikea to sketch my ideas and shared them with everyone. I was a little pedantic and measured accurately spaced dots for some of my wall art. Yes, I got funny looks, especially as to most people, I am the last person on earth that cares about precision. But...this is where one feels somewhat misunderstood. I like to make things look casual and thrown together, but it never ever is. I think thats the same for my fashion style that I was asked about on a forum yesterday. I found it hard to answer as I don't have a fixed style...uncomplicated, casual yet tailored sleek lines...umm...nah, I don't get that either?!?!

Makeup just totally fascinates me at the moment and I just love experimenting and mixing colours. I think this is maybe as I have never been overly girly and now I have more time I can indulge in that world which was far removed from me as a teen and young adult. Being so studious, it just seemed like a remote world that I didn't have time to access.

Better do the other half of the washing up now...

I'm back now quite a few hours on...had a bit of a scary moment in the shower. I was contemplating asking my brother at the weekend to take out my bath chair as I felt I had just enough stamina for a quick shower without the chair. But today I had no option but to use the chair as I just could not stay on my feet. I then felt very 'weirded out' as I slowly got out of the bath and had to sit on the bathroom chair for a good ten minutes. I usually would need 3-5minutes to recover so that does concern me a bit.

Maybe one day I can take the chair out but for now I think it had better remain...

The Haitian earthquake crisis is really prevalent on my mind and I feel so helpless, I have donated money but feel the urge to do so so much more. How amazing would it be to be out there helping to rebuild the country. I would love to teach there. That would be so good. I will never rule anything out. I saw that a little girl was adopted by a US family. It really moved me. Fostering and Adoption are kind of floating clouds around me that I think about for a bit and then they move away. Right now I know my priority is to maintain good health and maximise by full fitness potential. It would be unfair for me to take on something that I cannot give 100% to and could affect the future welfare of a child.

I am going to meet with the lovely Sarah Milne tomorrow to have a chitter chatter and run some ideas with her about campaign ideas and ongoing projects. She is an amazing writer, PR lady, photographer,mum, blogger...she is just so passionate and on the pulse with all that she does. I have a little notebook full of bits so I hope to get some tips and that!

Its my mums birthday tomorrow which is fab. We'll spend part of the morning together and then we will do a nice day celebration at the weekend!

Its gotta be an easy peasy dinner tonight as I have an updated task linked to a video I did last week. At the mo there's not many details I can disclose. It will be fab if it takes off and I will of course reveal all if thats the case!

Well, I had a lovely afternoon today with my friend C and her lil 'un. Its so nice to watch a child's inquisitive eyes reflecting their mind, toddling around and having fun. We blew kisses, caught them and held them tight in our hearts. We all got through quite a few bags of Wotsits (the lil uns favourite!) and shared lots of laughs and smiles :-) It can't get better than that eh?

I am in the planning stage of a Valentines Cake Bake at my local hospital. Hoping to get the a-ok by the end of the week so I can get posters going, secure a team, get bits and bobs and get the event publicised in local paper, radio etc. I like to plan ahead and started a couple weeks back...I really like to make things as seamless and easy going as possible. Hopefully I will secure that date I am after and get some fundraising going for LLTGL and the hospital who have been great in supporting my post transplant recovery.

Gonna be looking into 101 things in 1001 here and have a look as you may wanna draw up your own list...sounds fab and now I can put my goals in one place which is easier to tick off!

I managed to write a poem for Jess that will hopefully go into a book for her. I found it easy to write but its just so terribly sad when I imagined making her lots of my crafts and bits as she was recovering in hospital. Sadly I will not be able to attend her funeral as I have a Heart MRI scan which I must attend. I will be there in spirit and my thoughts are very much with her family.

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