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Dietary Fiber good for Inflammation

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:51pm

Here is a study which shows that getting a normal amount of fiber in your diet can have beneficial effects on one of the most important markers from inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Getting at least 30 grams of fiber per day lowered the test subjects CRP (c-reactive protein) levels. CRP is actually a better marker for Cardiovascular Disease than cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a very valuable chemical in the body in that it is the main building block for most of our hormones. It also distributes anti-cancer fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E through out the body. Cholesterol also forms the neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. That is why the body has a mechanism for reabsorbing cholesterol in the bowel before it can be eliminated. Isn't that interesting? Billions of dollars are spent on statin drugs that prevent the liver from making cholesterol. But the body wants to hang onto all the cholesterol that it can. It is not nice to fool mother nature me thinks.

I always cringe when I hear someone say that their doctor put them on a statin and yet their cholesterol is near normal at 180 - 220. Docs seem to want to drive cholesterol as low as they can even though research directly implicates low cholesterol with both cancer, depression and suicide.

Getting enough fiber is not really all that easy with todays typical diets. We just don't eat enough fruits and veges. That is why taking something like flax seed meal is a very easy way to get the required amount every day. It is relatively painless and very healthy for you. A good way to know if you get enough is if you are regularly constipated. Ouch! Great topic Pat. But true! Flax will make you so regular that you will be amazed. I have tried all the fibers out there and Flax is by far the best and easiest to take. Three big tablespoons in water once a day does the job for me!

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