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Did A Fourty Eight Hour Work Week Effect My CSS Condition?

Posted Dec 04 2010 12:00am

Hello there everyone!

Well it’s late Saturday afternoon and what a crazy work week this has been for me.

What started out as what was to be a sixty hour week of hard labor became a forty eight hour work week instead…and trust me when I tell all of you that I’m very damn happy that the work week was shortened.

First of all, I was supposed to have this post finished and on the blog last night. My apologies for missing that deadline, but truth to tell I was ( and still am very tired ) from the the work week just ending so yesterday I was asleep by around 5:30 am and my wife ( bless her heart ) did not wake me up until 1 in the afternoon, but needless to say I was very tired and just a bit cranky.

Anyway  this whole week basically after Monday was pretty much a blur as my body was trying to adjust to actually working  a twelve hour work day, and Monday was actually the only normal day that I had…only because it was the first day of the week and I actually started out on a full night’s sleep.

Of course everything went all to hell after I got home on Tuesday morning and tried to go to sleep right away….needless to say that this did not happen as after I got home I bounced around all over my house starting in my bed, going to my lazy boy chair in our family room, to our couch in the living room, and finally back upstairs before finally falling asleep after six am.

Did I mention that I wound up getting out of bed at eleven am on Tuesday morning?

I went to work on Tuesday evening on around five hours of sleep…I think.

Okay, let me just cut to the chase here and tell everyone that basically I was draggin my behind all this week and the worst time of night was just about two am everyday of this damn week for me…it’s when I had the most trouble staying on my feet and staying awake.

But through out this whole nightmare week, I did not notice any significant issues what so ever with my Churg Strauss Condition…not the things that I experienced while working at my former job anyway.

I did not have any moments where I felt disoriented and somewhat confused and unable to focus, and I did not notice any significant issues with my neuropathy either.

I will tell you that I did notice some problems with my right leg.

There were some places on my lower leg where I was bruised and it actually looked like I may have burst a few blood vessels…but of course I’m not quite certain about all of that, but today the issue does seem to be clearing up.

Anyway, bottom line here is that other than being really tired from working a twelve hour day, four days in a row this past week I’m doing fine.

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