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Dianne Feinstein remains NSA's biggest defender, while she herself was subject of NSA wiretaps early on / Business Insider

Posted Oct 21 2013 6:20pm
I've wondered why Dianne Feinstein so persistently defends NSA and other surveillance abuses.  Now she is proposing a bill designed to avoid reining in these abuses--an attempt to circumvent other, more substantive bills such as that of Jim Sensenbrenner and Pat Leahy --and yesterday she penned a paean to surveillance  in USA Today  that, more than anything, sounds like it was written by a robot. 

On Oct 2 The Hill wrote about Feinstein's plan to save surveillance in a story titled, Feinstein Vows to Kill Leahy's Bill .

As head of the Senate Intelligence committee, she is one of only eight Congresspeople who gets highly classified intel briefings, and is the top legislator responsible for oversight of US intelligence gathering.  Don't you think her communications were the first to be collected?  The way she slavishly carries NSA's dirty water shouts "blackmail" to me.  She has a lot to lose.  Her Senate disclosure lists assets of between 43 and 99 million dollars , making her the fifth richest US Senator.

How many of our elected representatives have not a single skeleton in the closet for the intelligence agencies to exploit?

Former NSA official Russell Tice recently claimed that back in 2004, he had orders in his hand to wiretap Senators Barack Obama,  Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, Gen. David Petraeus, and a current Supreme Court Justice (Alito). Quoting Tice:
"The abuse is rampant and everyone is pretending that it's never happened, and it couldn't happen. ... I know [there was abuse] because I had my hands on the papers for these sorts of things: They went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of congress — Senate and the House — especially on the intelligence committees and the armed services committees, lawyers, law firms, judges, State Department officials, part of the White House, multinational companies, financial firms, NGOs, civil rights groups ..."
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