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Diabetic Test Strips Have A Recall.

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

Well, since I will be covering Diabetes very shortly, I thought that one of the things which are a staple to someone who has this condition would want to know about this issue so as reported by USA Today in their Health Buzz section here is an article about a test strips recall…

Abbott Cites False Readings in Sweeping Recall of Diabetes Test Strips

Hundreds of millions of diabetes test strips were recalled last week because of concern that they might give falsely low blood sugar readings. Abbott Laboratories voluntarily pulled up to 359 million strips on Wednesday after learning they don’t absorb blood quickly enough to provide a proper reading, federal officials announced Wednesday . The defect “can lead users to try to raise their blood glucose when it is unnecessary, or to fail to treat elevated blood glucose due to a falsely low reading. Both scenarios pose health risks,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement. The chemically treated paper strips, manufactured between January and May 2010, were branded Precision Xceed Pro, Precision Xtra, MediSense Optium, OptiumEZ, and ReliOn Ultima. Abbott has not yet identified the source of the defect, but improper storage is one possibilityexposure to high temperatures can cause strips to yield false readings. The company says it will offer free replacements to affected customers. To find out if your product is involved in the recall, or to request a replacement,visit .

Okay, so this is really something that if you use test strips ( and yes, I do..but not often enough ) then you are going to want to check ( if you haven’t already ) to make sure bthat the test strips that you are using are not these strips and if they are, then you need to get them replaced as soon as possible.

And I applaud Abbott Laboratories for stepping up to the plate and caring more about the people rather then their profit margins.

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