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Destination Truth comes to N.Z, my hibernating pleasures.....

Posted Apr 17 2010 8:33pm

Watch from 4 minutes in and view our spectacular scenery and sites. 

I am guilty of absolutely loving Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters,  G.H.International follows second best. Supernatural is another guilty pleasure along with Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, House, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Fringe, Flash Forward, Leigh Hearts Mysterious Planet (very funny).
Yeah I sound completely flaky and I have just noticed that most of these programmes are SciFi, damn,  now I'm a geek to boot. I just love spiritual programmes, science programmes, national geographic and such.

These T.V shows are my escapism, they help me switch off, relax and not think of the turmoil exploding around me, they help me heal. The garden also helps, cleaning also releases the tension. I don't drink or take drugs, or go out and paaarty, the last few weeks have necessitated  intense hibernation and escape.

Im being hit from all sides as I have written in previous posts, health, financial, etc. Usually I have a breather when the kids go to their respective fathers on school holidays or every second weekend. In those weekends I do practically nothing and refuel.
Since December last year I haven't had the breaks as my eldest son started visiting again every weekend, which was initially pleasant until he and his girlfriend whom I like very much would argue incessantly through any movie or chill time. With my younger son going through a belligerent stage, he has been playing wall shaking bass throbbing music through the wall (which backs onto my lounge) until very late at night. Leaving me with no peace until I went to bed at night and woke up for the same garbage all over again the next day.

I took a stand and switched off his broadband until he gets it together again. last night I switched off the power to his room, just for some peace, it worked. The eldest son had some harsh words after he insisted winding me up the other night, while I was battling some intense pain. Kids just don't get it, you love them however they don't understand the sacrifices parents make.

Being a solo parent means twice the work, no real breaks, holidays or help when you need a break because of pain etc. Your it. Finding a boarder has been hopeless as now 700 people are looking for flatmates/boarders here in my town, apparently English schools have lost government funding and people who had oversees home stays  or international students are also seeking flatmates etc. Its a nightmare. With the boys Dad cutting his child support and my job loss things are precarious. On the health side this link to my other blog . So that's why I'm hibernating right now, I'm surviving, unfortunately I have rejected my blog during this time, choosing to immerse myself in Sci Fi instead........
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