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Denver Chiropractor Reviews: Fibromyalgia Tender Points

Posted Feb 20 2011 6:20pm

One of the most unique characteristics associated with fibromyalgia syndrome are that of fibromyalgia tender points. Fibromyalgia tender points are generalized local pain upon pressure of the tissue that surrounds joints, or in the joints themselves. Fibromyalgia tender points also happen to be one of the key diagnosing factors related to the syndrome, as 11 of the 18 possible tender points must be symptomatic for a proper diagnosis.

Other symptoms might include but are not limited to headaches, depression, skin irritation, dysmenorrhea, memory loss, and chronic. Since these symptoms may be found in other diseases, illnesses, and syndromes, fibromyalgia tender points remain one of the keys to differentiating fibromyalgia and other disorders.

Since fibromyalgia tender points are extremely sensitive to touch, it is important that examiners take great caution when evaluating the areas. The fact that muscles, tendons, and fibrotic tissue often have symptoms of discomfort and weakness is a key component to understand whether fibromyalgia tender points are present in a presenting patient.

  • Occiput
  • Cervical Spine
  • The Second Rib
  • Supraspinatus Muscle
  • The Trapezius
  • Lateral Epicondyle
  • Gluteal Muscle
  • Knee
  • The Greater Trochanter

Upon evaluation of these areas a physician can make a proper diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome. There are other disorders that may also have symptoms of fibromyalgia tender points, but they do not occur in as many places as with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Fibromyalgia Tender Points and Chiropractic

Effective treatments for the symptoms of fibromyalgia tender points have been seen with certain types of chiropractic care.

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