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Dental X Rays

Posted Dec 01 2010 5:22am

Dental x-rays are nothing but pictures of the bones, teeth and the soft tissues of the dental area. These dental x-rays are useful to find out if there are problems in the mouth, teeth and the jaw. These x-rays display cavities, bone loss and the hidden dental structures like wisdom teeth which are invisible during a visual examination. Many times, the dental x-rays are also performed as a follow-up after completing the dental treatments.

X-rays are said to be the eyes of the Dentist. Your dentist may ask to take an x-ray for early detection as well as prevention of the problem. Dental x-rays helps in the detection of the hidden problems in your teeth particularly of the areas below the gums. It has also been identified that a routine dental x-ray can show the disease of the gums that further helps in the identification of the cardiovascular diseases to the dentist. The panoramic dental x-rays not only exposes the gum diseases, but it also helps in finding the blockages in the large arteries in your neck. The blockage in such areas is an indication of higher risk of strokes and heart diseases.

Dental X-rays can be regarded as a safe view of the teeth in your mouth. The dentist can identify the areas of cracks, decay, tartar, worn-out fillings, bone infections, periodontal disease, impacted wisdom teeth, abscesses, cysts, long or crooked roots, sinus problems or anything abnormality with the help of different types of dental x-ray images. Different kinds of x-rays are used considering the age and situation of the dental health. The different types of x-rays used are Full series of X-rays, Bitewing X-rays, Periapical X-rays, Panoramic X-rays, etc.

The dental X-rays are regarded as very safe as the sensitive equipment of the x-ray very accurately and rapidly targets only the particular area of your dental region. The radiations coming from the dental x-ray are also very low. Nowadays, the use of advanced technology has effectively reduced the amount of radiation and the time period you are exposed to it. The different benefits of the dental x-rays outweigh the few risks associated with them.

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