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Dealing with ghosts

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:18am

I recently visited SeaWorld in San Diego, and saw a children's 3-D film about ghosts. Watching the film made me realise that we all have to deal with the ghosts in our lives. A ghost cannot "scare you to death" - after all, a ghost is made of ectoplasm and can do nothing by himself. However, if you are scared of a ghost, this fear can scare you into jumping out of the window and leaping to your death. I guess many fears and worries in our lives are like ghosts - and once we realise they have no power over us except what we choose to give them, our lives will become more liveable ! A good example of such a ghost would be the fear of death amongst many patients. It's an irrational fear - after all, there is no reason to believe that death is unpleasant or painful. Why then, so we worry so much about it ? Maybe we need to treat this fear as a ghost and say "Boo " to it !

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