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Days of Pain

Posted Oct 25 2007 2:00pm 4 Comments
Today I am having a painful day. Yesterday seemed like a good day, but today is difficult. When I have these days I have to use my mind over the matter, and keep myself focused on the goal, and the ways set out for me to achieve it. Dont' give up, do my exercises, remember what makes me feel better and what makes me feel worse.
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recovery is tough - your positive attitude will take you far!

Hi Susie,

When today will pass it will feel good tommorow. What do you say? Whatever your doing like "Dont' give up, do my exercises, remember what makes me feel better..." is the best possible solution. And a little bit of suggestion " Dont think of what makes me feel worse. "

Take care

Hello Susie,

I understand how you feel I have Fibromyalgia and it seems that everything triggers it. The way I keep my sanity is by taking things "half hour" at a time. I started out with "One day" but the pain got me soooo down that I decided "a half hour" would be easier for me.

When I started I was watching the clock after a few hours...I forgot about the clock and I was making it. What ever you do keep you positive attitude it will get you far!



It took something as severe as an injury and 100 days of pain for me to fully get that.


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