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Dangers of Heavy Metals

Posted by Tracii H.

Though not normally found in or used by the human species, heavy metals are becoming ever more present in our environment, leading to serious concerns. There are likely more problems from these metals, which interfere with normal bodily function, than have been considered in most medical circles. Reviewing all of our vitamins and minerals has shown us that most every substance that is useful can be a toxin or poison, as well. Some of the most harmful metals include arsenic, lead, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, copper, and the most poisonous of all—mercury.Blood or urine analysis is not very reliable for measuring toxic levels of most of these heavy metals, especially with long-term exposure and tissue buildup. Hair analysis, though controversial, offers the best available evaluation for accumulation of heavy metals, and in many studies, hair levels do correlate fairly well with tissue stores. The heavier the element, the more reliable is the hair analysis. Measuring these toxic minerals is probably the most useful aspect of hair analysis. In the future, we may find even better ways to measure, treat, and prevent this dangerous heavy mineral contamination.
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