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Dalai Speaks! No One Falls Asleep!

Posted Mar 24 2013 2:22pm
I had the honor of speaking to the South Carolina Radiological Society Annual Meeting yesterday. Clearly, the organizers wanted to intersperse some entertainment and low-brow amusement into the schedule of academic presentations, and I was more than happy to oblige.

My talk was a revamped version of what I said at RANZCR in 2010, updated appropriately to reflect the few areas of improvement I've seen since then.

Because the presentation computer was a Dell running Windows Vista (I guess someone actually bought a copy), two video clips that were supposed to be part of my PowerPoints didn't work. So, if anyone who attended the meeting actually was motivated to check them out, here they are...

The Scope of the Project

This fanciful piece is inspired by the rigidity of the IT mentality...

Dalai's PACS Fix

This is how I would handle some of the PACS problems I encounter...if I could.

Now here's something that will shock the pants off of some out there.  After my talk, I was approached by one of the participants who asked me if I had time for "some advice".  I naturally assumed he was going to tell me how awful a speaker I was (I used my old iPad 1 for a teleprompter). But no, on the contrary, he thanked me for the talk, and proceeded to ask which of a restricted list of PACS vendors he should consider. Here's the shock...WITHIN the constraints under which he was operating, I felt the best choice was.....

Wait for it.....

You're welcome.
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