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Currents | Q&A: Douglas Coupland on His Furniture Collection

Posted Feb 02 2013 10:05pm

“These are pieces that will unleash creativity, dopamine, high character and timelessness into their user’s world,” Mr. Coupland remarkable in a news recover about a collection, that is geared to those with literary sensibilities and includes bookshelves, lamps, a chair and dual essay desks or, as he prefers to call them, escritoires.

Phoning from his hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia, he offering additional thoughts to a reporter.

Q. In scheming this interview, we satisfied it would take days to brush adult on your superhuman output, so we only review your Twitter feed. Do we mind if we bottom my questions on that?

A. Sure, give it a try.

Q. O.K., we tweeted we were divided for 3 weeks. Where have we been?

A. we was staying with my cousin down in a Bahamas.

Q. You also put out a call for people in Vancouver who do high-end 3-D printing. May we ask why?

A. I’m doing a indication for a client. There’s this tree that’s about 800 years aged that got strike by lightning during a spin of a 19th century: a famous vale tree in Vancouver. Now it’s on a final legs. I’m doing a counterpart picture of it to scale on a other corner of a city, arrange of as a counterpart of a past and a future.

Q. You didn’t twitter about your furniture, though it’s a categorical reason we’re talking. Whom did we pattern it for?

A. It’s for me. we use an escritoire each day of my life and positively adore it. You tighten a lid; it looks great. The bookshelves are a ones we use all over a house. They come in 3 sizes: paperback, hardcover and oversized.

Q. The bookshelves in a cinema demeanour metallic. What are they done of?

A. Lacquered plywood: simple, good materials. Wait, someone with a phone series 666 is perplexing to call me.

Q. Shouldn’t we get that?

A. No! The thing with bookshelves, no matter how many we have, we always fill them. But if we do it intelligently, they’re flexible, they’re portable, though they’re not Ikea-like. Is that Satan job me again?

It is. I’m not answering.

Q. Let’s speak about a lamps. The cultured seems opposite from your other pieces.

A. It is and it isn’t. we was in Kyoto during a Ryoan-ji church 5 years ago; it was a masterpiece of proportion. The pieces we see, collectively in my mind, during slightest elicit walking by bedrooms of a temple, with their shifting doors and shoji. They’re arrange of visually and poetically connected in my mind.

Q. It all feels unequivocally 20th-century to me. This is seat to review and write by, preferably in longhand. Was that partial of a intention?

A. You can have holes drilled in a behind of a table for mechanism cords.

Q. But a table has compartments for things like, what? Paper clips?

A. we customarily put in laptop cords or coffee cups. Is it categorically tech-friendly? People are still going to be essay longhand in a thousand years. That’s a uncanny product classification: writing-slash-longhand.

Q. Who’s production a pieces?

A. They’re being done locally in British Columbia, in a place called Roberts Creek. They’re done by hand, and a finishes are beautiful. When we open a table up, it’s a leather aspect you’re essay on, that matches a leather from a seating.

Q. we don’t meant to whip a passed horse, though now you’re going on about leather essay surfaces.

A. I’m a fool for a big, shiny, high-tech thing like everybody else. But when it boils down to something we wish to have infinitely, that’s where you’re conceptualizing a long-term relationship.

Q. Two days ago, we tweeted that people provide we differently when we have a small, straight indenture in a center of your forehead. What happened?

A. Windsurfing wound. It’s like this line that goes right down: “Hi, do we wish to join my cult?” People demeanour during it and go, “Ahhhhh!” It unequivocally is unnerving. JULIE LASKY

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