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Crossover Post with Steve

Posted Dec 02 2008 9:26pm
On overtime I always end up on the 9's which I really enjoy. I'd probably get bored of it very quickly if I was doing it all the time but for a few days here and there it's great. You only have to worry about the call you're on. You don't have management hovering behind you telling you how to do your job. You don't have to answer to anyone for your stats. You just have to get the details of the patient, offer empathy where needed and tell them an ambulance will be with them as soon as possible. It's great!

So the other day I'm sitting taking calls and I hear the ping in my ear. A young gentleman calls stating that there is a patient who has fainted in a shop. I have a CLI address which always makes things easier although i get a bit confused when he gives a similar sounded but different shop name. I confirm it with him and yet again he states the name. Ok I think, I'll go with what he's said.

Onto the patient. A female has apparently fainted in the shop. He says that she was lying on the floor. She was apparently conscious and breathing with no pain. The caller just said that she was now awake but stating she wanted to go to sleep. It all sounds a bit pants if I'm honest but he wants an ambulance so I type in exactly what he'd said.

As I'm giving him the pre arrival instructions (don't give her anything to eat or drink, get someone to meet the ambulance etc etc) I look on the log to see if an ambulance has been assigned. I see a familiar callsign and I know Steve is working so I send him a little text.

"Beep Beep - I'm taking your call" (This has become a code between us for "complete pile of pants call" - he'd been having a rubbish week with no "real" calls. He had been a taxi all week and we'd started saying "Beep Beep - Shit truck coming through!")

And that's where my part of the story ends! I look on the log a little later and see "Crew requesting Urgent Police". Oh my god I think - what the hell happened to the patient wanting to go to sleep!! I'll let him tell you what happened next ...
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