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creativity is the cure

Posted Aug 24 2010 12:00am
The past few days have been really tough healthwise.  I am dealing with quite a few things and ineveitably the stress is affecting my health.  Feeling breathless and feeling totally drained is never a good combo.  It means keeping a close check on my temp and monitoring closely any additional or alarming changes. 

I have been so so lucky to have my supportive family and friends around me.  Some have given me some time away from work, some having given me time alone.  When I am at work, I have been able to distance myself from the public a tad which has helped.  I have had help with housework, food shopping and things like making my bed, mopping the floor, putting out refuse all the usual things that I find impossible to do without help. 

I have been experiencing angina pains and I have to say that they're not getting better.  I will be chasing my cardiologist tomorrow to get the outcome of the echocardiogram I had last week.  I always think no news is good news really.  But as I had it out of sync with my appointment i should check that it hasn't been overlooked.

My tac (anti rejection drug) levels changing I think have caused some change with my trembling and shaking.  It was so terrible today that the guy at the checkout in Hobbycraft asked if I was ok.  To be honest I didnt feel ok at all and managed to get to the car soon after where I rested for a bit before setting off home.

The past couple of days I have missed my naps and the effects are really stark.  My mood plummets and I can hardly construct a sentence by the evening.  I always notice the change and it really doesn't bode well.

What I decided is to inject the little energy I have into creating and exploring ideas.  It has been so much fun and takes my mind away from trobules, even just for a short while!

Today I put my facebook status as 'life is a mixture of showers and sunshine'  my lovely friend E then added 'together they make a beautiful rainbow'.  I thought that was really lovely as that hadn't entered my mind at all when I typed.  I was thinking of how I have been feeling lately and trying to keep as positive as possible.

What I have found is that by joining forums, discovering blogs, tutorials that I am keeping my creative mind alive...I can share ideas and learn from others. Channeling my energies in this way helps me to focus on feeling good, to remember the good and to keep positivity around me as much as possible.
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