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creating days

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:01pm

Wish Studio asked about where and how I spend my sacred creative time. Today was a perfect day to wonder on that. It was one of those days.

As I watched myself move through the day, I was astounded by difference between the story chattering away inside my head and the one you'd hear if I listed the details of the day: swim lessons, had a friend over for the afternoon. Lunch, fused bead crafts, painted paper pumpkins, baked cookies, conducted a rousing guitar singalong, read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, make homemade tomato sauce from whole frozen tomatoes. It all sounds kind of inspired and fun. But I was going through it unsmilingly with jaws clenched. Grudgingly, even. From the moment I got out of bed.

I was really struck by this the other day. As I flipped through my blog looking for a piece from last year, I had to laugh. "I wish my life were like this!" I thought. I was reminded of Christie Brinkley's comment several years ago in a discussion about photo retouching and the fashion industry: "I wish I looked like Christie Brinkley," she said.

I do consciously choose the sunny side here, it's true. Not because I want you to think a certain way of me, but because it's a really good practice for me. I fall easily into the complain-and-commiserate habit, and I find my heart is buoyed when I stay in gratitude and reflect that outward.

So as I watched my cranky, grumpy self move through joyful actions with the children (moving in and out of the joy itself), I recognized that place--this moment--as my messy, chaotic, unswept, sacred creative space.


And knitting happened . . .

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