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crazy pregnant woman go bonkers

Posted Dec 11 2009 12:00am

Yesterday before I came home I was in a slight confrontation with an enraged almost bordering on psychotic pregnant woman.

Firstly I cannot stand people who out righteously judge others and preach their own beliefs onto others in a confrontational manner. Certain religious people who get in my face and scream what sinners we are and are all doomed to hell piss me off also, I mean do you know me?

No you don't so rack off you complete wombles and save yourselves.

Anyway it goes like this, yes I will undoubtedly hear the sigh of the self righteous perfect people when they read this.

I was outside the Hospital having a smoke in the same place I have done for some years, medical staff also are known to have a quick puff there also.
I was with a fellow patient when a pregnant women(in late 30's) rounds the corner with her husband and makes a demeaning remark loud enough for us to hear(she wasn't a patient). She had a semi crazed look in her eye.

She was a, I would say (being all judgemental here) a semi middle class woman,
who doesn't shave her legs or armpit hair,
eats only organic food,
has panic attacks over food colouring additives on food packets,
  Uses a giant phallic crystal as roll on antiperspirant,
will demand an I.V of bach flower in labour, instead of an epidural.
will expect her husband to massage her perineum with olive oil three months before the birth,
only has sex to procreate and when ovulating after taking her vaginal temperature,
will breast feed her child until the age of seven,
will demand every teacher deems her perfect child 'Very Special' and the most intelligent at school, while looking down on other kids as subnormal and inferior,
while examining her vagina regularly by standing on a mirror to ensure her femininity and superior self image.

Well any way, she continued very loudly insulting I and the fellow patient, then she roped in a nurse to abuse us. Yeah o.k, even though I had been told before by medical staff they don't like patients leaving the Hospital grounds for a smoke and prefer them closer, rather than on the road.
Firstly, I wasn't sitting in your lounge you clown, blowing smoke rings at your pregnant engorged face, I was in the open air.

You however, weren't screaming at the cars idling under the glassed covered dome you were standing under with all the carbon monoxide fumes filling your lungs.

Usually when people are insulting like that I think yeah whatever, have your bad day elsewhere and don't encroach on what I am doing to my own body. She continued ranting, I'm not talking about someone slightly peeved this woman was a complete bloody lunatic.
Hey lady, do you rant and rave at your dinner parties, when you have given people a glass or three of your organic wine, then they drive home to possibly kill someone, or bash their wives in a alcohol fuelled rage?

I'm sorry but perspectives are so hypocritical when it comes to other poisonous dangerous things people put in their bodies but are socially acceptable.

I'm a non drinker, but I don't get in peoples faces about their shot livers, oesophageal varices, stomach ulcers, car crashes and aggression rates involving fights and domestic violence in especially males.

Remember drinkers hurt alot of people also. However what people want to do to their bodies is not my business.
I have seen and experienced personally, people with lung cancer and c.o.p.d, I don't need martyrs getting in my face who are usually hypocrites anyway.

Right so we walked past her and she spat out insults as if we were paedophiles strolling by looking at kids or something.
I had enough and spat back at her the damage she was doing by standing where she was, I kept walking, she kept on insulting the final insult was "your going to die soon anyway,"
I laughed, shot back an insult which involved swear words by using a hand and walked away. She probably smoked too much pot and buzzed out on ecstasy in her youth and is now guilt ridden.

Damn was the only thought, I should have walked back up to her and said "yes I have only six weeks to live, how did you know?' and by the way you will make a great mum with your temper, you need a child youth and family referral".

That would have sent the stupid cow spinning. But I didn't, I kept walking. leaving her to fester and seethe at the obvious insult we caused her.  Some people are winners.

Why did this woman get to me?

Not because she was right, because she wasn't we were in the open air and she was an idiot.
She sounded like my mother, she was rude and outright abusive.
She got to me because she was confrontational, arrogant and a hypocrite for abusing obviously sick people in a Hospital which makes her no better than anyone else.
She acted like the air was hers alone.
It really does take alot for me to react so this woman was really pushing boundaries.

She may have had a bad day some may say, well so did I and I don't go around insulting strangers. I have held back so many times comments I have wanted to make to my ex surgeon and she had left me to die.
I was having lots of contemplative thoughts over how in my case against the Hospital I have defended and spoken highly of the Nursing staff, yet not one would put on paper what they knew, were told, or had to treat me (my ex surgeon omitted much of her care plan in my notes regarding forcing me to eat with a bowel obstruction). I have much to be angry about, or be upset about, but I'm not going to aggressively, verbal abuse, random strangers for farting in public......

Why do some women act like complete wankers when they are pregnant with a sense of entitlement to be complete wankers.

Pregnancy is a fact of life, without it we wouldn't have a population, it gives no one a right to think they can get away with acting like self indulgent spoilt brats, wake up your not special, your pregnant.
I have been smoking for seven years and have been contemplating giving up, I even mentioned it to the medical staff this time around. 
People like her just make me reach for another fag.
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