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Cravings and our sense of smell

Posted Aug 05 2010 11:12am

Yesterday I started into cravings.  Exploring the idea of cravings and the reason why we have them.  Cravings come from imbalances within the body and extracellular fluid.  I gave a brief intro in the extracellular fluid yesterday and made a reference to the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is a region in the brain.  To better give you an idea of where the hypothalamus is here is a picture.


The highlighted region shows this is the hypothalamus (1).  I know you are thinking why do I care about the hypothalamus?  The hypothalamus monitors the state, condition, of the extracellular fluid.  This function is important as it monitors what nutrients are in the extracellular fluid.  If we are running low on sugar or don’t have enough water the hypothalamus will recognize that and tell our body to get what it needs.

This also becomes important because the olfactory, or sense of smell, is tied into the hypothalamus.  So when you smell those fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven you’re sense of smell runs through your hypothalamus, which checks your extracellular fluid to see if you need it.  Your sense of smell for what is good and what is not good is regulated by your hypothalamus and the state of your extracellular fluid!

This means what you digestion and what you don’t digest dictate what smells good to you!



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