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Craig Westover

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:02pm

Craig Westover has a pretty good "file cabinet" of stories related to Vaccine/Mercury/Autism connection. Read it here.

In particular, I found Westover's commentary on Dr. Hilleman's career quite interesting. Here is one of the front-runners telling his company (Merck) about his concerns with the level of thimerosal (mercury) in the vaccines given to infants and children. For all the good Dr. Hilleman did in creating life-saving vaccines, I'm glad to know that he appeared to also be intellectually honest enough to question his own work when evidence dictated it.

As I say in my book, not all vaccines are bad. But they must be spaced out over time and they must NOT contain any mercury! (Read Dr. Miller's " A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule.")

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