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Cracked lips

Posted by Lara I.

I have an annoying and painful crack at that crease between my upper and lower lip. I've been putting Burt's Bees on it, but someone told me that might be abrasive. Anyone know any natural, maybe home remedies to help it heal?
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Clarified butter. Ghee or clarified butter, can be obtained at any Whole foods or Indian store is a traditional remedy.
Drink More Water. Burt Bees is great stuff. It always works for me. But, I would also look and see if you are hydrating yourself enough. Sure, the elements can cause chapped lips, but still need to be hydrated to really handle the problem.
Take vitamin C. Dry cracked lips can be a sign of low immune system. Take some extra vitamin C and some zinc.
This used to happen to me.... ...a lot when I was younger. I actually found that drinking milk and getting lots of calcium in general really helped out. Also, exfoliating your lips with honey and an old toothbrush really makes them soooo soft.
Just go to the drug store a buy a real medicine. Don't spoil your health with this natural stuff. It doesn't mean that it helps. Read to find out more about it.
Reading will help to find the right decision.
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