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Cowboy's Marion Barber Out From a Pinky Toe Injury!

Posted Dec 07 2008 12:00am
Marion Barber dislocated his right little toe in the first half against Seattle on Nov. 27 and did not practice all week. He did not join the team for the trip to Pittsburgh on Saturday, so he is out for the game. All from a toe???? What's with the Cowboys? First Tony Romo is out with a pinky finger then Barber with a pinky toe!! Are they wimps?? What happened to being a tough football player?

In all seriousness, a pinky toe injury can really hamper the running style of a running back. And, if you have ever broken your pinky toe; you know that it is almost impossible to wear a shoe comfortably. Toe dislocation with or without an accompanying fracture can take 4 to 8 weeks to heal. The treatment is to strap the toe to the next one and immobilize the foot. Very rarely do these need surgery and the worst case scenario is a painful corn developing from the enlarged toe. Life goes on.

So, if my patients can survive broken and dislocated toe, why can't Marion Barber play? It's cold in Pittsburgh and his toe would be numb anyway!!
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