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Could it be Giullian Barre Virus or something similar.

Posted by Tass58

I have been suffering from an unusual conditon for many months now.  I have a sensation through my body that feels like the feeling you get when you scratch your findgernails on a black board. 

It is worse when I am laying down or in a still postion.  I also have numbness, tingling and burning feelings at times in different parts of my body.  I can feel the unusual sensatiuon  mostly on the left side of my face, (tongue an lips are numb and tingling), my left neck area, left shoulder, back and left hip area into my left leg.  At it's worst I feel it through all my body.

 I have tried medication such as valium due to the fact that it is thought that what I have is an anxiety type of conditon but it just does not feel like anxiety and 10mgs of valium does not help.  90mgs of coiedine does give me some relief but it does not last long and the high dose is not recommended or safe. 

There is a distinctive feeling that radiates from my left chest area to the left of centre of my chest, and also in my left hip area.  It is a pain sort of feeling with the sensation.  I have been tested with heart monitor but it does not show anything.  I have had brain MRI and spinal MRI but no value aswell.

Does anybody identify with this conditon?  Could it be Guillian Barre Virus.  I am not affraid of what it could be I just want relief from what I am feeling.

If any body can help please e-mail me at or you can ring me on my mobile on 0407120390.  I live in Central Victoria Australia.

 greateful for any help







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