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Could all of my symptoms be related?

Posted by justin

i have a lot of paint in multiple joints, back and neck. i have had chest pains that have brought me to me knees. my shoulder and jaw have locked up on seperate occations, And i have a sezure disorder. And am tired alot and have night sweats badly. My doctor has just old me that i have a small scoliosis on my spine. I am only 24 and my doctors don't seem to want to help much at the VA, could all of this be related and if so by what? Just so i have something to talk to the doctor that i am getting a second opinion with.
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Some thoughts to pursue with the doctor include possible side effects from the medication which I assume you take for seizures.  Also to consider would be early joint disease which can be diagnosed with exam, Xrays, and blood work.  If you were seeing an Internist, you might also get vitamin levels checked as well as testing for anemia, thyroid disease and so forth. 

It is possible that you have one thing that could account for all these symptoms but, it is equally possible you have more than one thing going on.  In general, when your whole body is somehow involved (as it sounds like in your case), consideration should be given to systemic problems as described above.  This is, of course, over the internet, quite random, and might touch on the cause or may be completely off.

For your own sake, make sure you drink no sodas, little caffeine, plenty of water, and that your diet is low fat/low sugar/high vegetables.  Also remember to get regular and modest exercise.

 Best of luck in the new year as you tackle these issues,

Dr. Rima B

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