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Could a possible cyst behind my knee move to my lower leg, and could it cause constant mild pain?

Posted by carealot Facebook

Sunday I noticed a small hard knott that was kind of behind/on the side of my knee.  It was a little painful to touch, but not a big deal.  I didn't think of it again until I was in the shower a few days later and noticed that I had one on my lower left leg.  It was painful to touch, a little bigger.  I went to compare it to the one behind my knee and I couldn't find it.  Today, it looks a little red, maybe more pink. And it is now causing my constant, though mild, pain.  Could this be a cyst?  I also have been experiencing what I thought to be muscle or nerve pain in the same leg, going from the buttox area to the back of my knee.  Could this be related somehow?  I am overweight, but I'm a busy Mom of 4 children and would hardly say my life is sedentary! 
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