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cost of & which of the 3 PFT tests should I have done?

Posted by Fire Capt

Ex Fire Capt Has a history of over 46 episodes of Pneumonia & upper respitory infections.

Need a total knee replacement & Surgeon wants a PFT done.  Since this is all out of pocket costs for me , which of the 3 Spirometry w/o Bronchodilator ,  Spiro w/ Bronchodilator or Peak Flow w/ Bronchodilator do I need & the median costs of the tests????? Anybody?

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Ugh, sorry to hear about your health issues (but grateful for your service). Costs for tests & procedures vary geographically. I'm a bit surprised your orthopedic surgeon didn't refer you back to your family doc to get "cleared" for surgery. Your family doc would be the one to determine which test to order.  In your situation, ask the surgeon or his/her staff which test s/he typically orders and to whom s/he usually refers.  Then call around and ask for price quotes.  Good luck!
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