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Cortisone For Tennis Elbow

Posted Nov 16 2010 3:33am

Cortisone is a type of hormone that is produced naturally by a gland in the human body known as the adrenal gland. Cortisone, the hormone is released from the body when it is under stress. Normally cortisone is released into the human blood stream is very short acting. Synthetically produced injectable cortisone is short steroid. It is a close derivative of the body’s own product. The major difference in the artificial and the natural cortisone is that the synthetic cortisone cannot be directly injected in to blood stream line directly. The synthetic cortisone has to be directly injected in the particular area of inflammation. The injections are also very highly effective.

Working of the cortisone injection:

The cortisone is a very powerful anti-inflammatory injection. The basic aim of the injection is not relieving the patient from pain but treating the inflammation. If the patient is relieved from the pain after being injected from cortisone, the pain is reduced because the inflammation is diminished. With the help of injecting the cortisone into a particular area of inflammation, a very high concentration of medication can be given while keeping probable side-effects to a minimum. Cortisone injections usually show results within a few days, and the effects normally last for several weeks. When the cortisone injection is given to a person suffering from tennis elbow, the patient should always be numbed with the help of Lidocaine or Marcaine. The physician may also use topical anesthetics.

Side effects of cortisone for tennis elbow:

The most common side effect faced by the patients after the use of the cortisone is known as cortisone flare. Under this phenomenon, the injected area crystallizes and tends to cause a short period of pain worse than before taking the shot. This pain usually lasts for a day or two. It is best treated by applying ice on the effected area. Another common side effect is the whitening of skin where the injection is given. However, it is not harmful at all. The other major side effects of the cortisone injection include infection. The best way to prevent this infection is cautious injecting methods. It is extremely essential to sterilize the skin with the help of iodine or some other kind of antiseptic. As cortisone is a hormone that is naturally available, it does not give rise to any kind of allergies.

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