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ContinuePain in Right Abdomen, Starts from my back just beside spinal chord and continues into my right abdomen, butux and groen

Posted by Arun


  I am 28 and having pain in my right abdomen from the past 3 months. The pain start some where from my back, just right of spinal chord and the pain continues into the right abdomen and into the groen region.

Below are the details of pain: · 

The pain diffused and is more in my right back.·  Right upper part of abdomen has the pain 

·  The pain is constant and changing intensity over time?

·  I feel better or comfortible when i lyeing back on bed.

·  I did not have any pain in the past, i am having pain only from past 3 months only. 

·  Once the pain starts it will be available for few hours or may be a day or 2. Some times the pain disappears for a week, but when it starts again it reamins for 3-4 days. 

·  Some times pain starts after meals as well.

 ·  Pain has neither increased nor decreased it is of same intensity from day 1. ·  Does the pain go into your back, middle of the back, below the right shoulder blade, or your groin, buttocks, or legs?  Yes, the pain goes into all the parts mentioned.

·  Does the pain get worse after lying on the back? No, i will comfortible when i sleep.

·  Does the pain get worse after eating or drinking? After eating greasy foods, milk products? Yes, it increases.·

 ·  What medications are you taking? I am taking syrup "Ston1" as doctor said there had been a 5mm of stone in my kidney which is flushed now, in order to prevent stones again i am asked to continue with syrup.

·  Have you had a recent injury? No.

·  What other symptoms are occurring at the same time? I have frequent constipation, with frequent stools passed in semi liquid form.

I have under gone with the following Tests/Examinations:

1. Ultra Sound : Revealed 5 mm stone(I suspect there was nothing as i did Ultra sound 3 times nothing was said in the report but for 4th time it was identified as kidney stones). But with fatty liver.

2. CT Scan: Normal, no traces of kidney stones as well.

3. IVP/IVU : Normal.

4. Liver Function Test: All the routines were normal except SGPT and SGOT.SGPT - 77 and SGOT - 88. This is almost between range of 50 - 80 for past 3 months.

5. Hepatatis B :- Reported Negative.I have done with all the possible test suggested by my doctors. Please suggest me what should be my next step,

 If any one can help me in diagnosing what the problem is or refer a good doctor I will be more thank full.By the way why am I getting this pain?

 I am a bit tensed with this from past few months, please help me....

Thanks for all you help and suggestions in advance....


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