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constant yawning

Posted by grammy

I have a friend and it doesn't matter if you call first thing in the morning, mid afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, last evening....she yawns constantly.  I don't know if it is just a habit or what.  She does have alot of health issues:  kidney stones (she has passed kidney stones for 35 years - she is currently 60), MVP, osteoprosis (sp), fibromyalgia, obese, high blood pressure (takes two RX's) within a year a total hip replacement, two neck surgeries (contracted MRSSA - on a pic with antibiotics for 7 weeks), a brain tumor (hasn't changed in size for four years), bruises super easy, no excercise what so ever...very, very dormat (sp) oh yeah...if she does try and exercise in a public swimming pool (her doctor wanted her to do that due to the hip replacement), she gets a yeast infection....

She takes an array of prescription medications:  two water pills, two types of meds for high blood pressure, Celebrex...I can't remember the others but the total is 10 prescriptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm extremely worried about her but she says the yawning is something to do with her diaphram and not getting ample oxygen.







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