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Constant tearing in left eye.

Posted by RedMud

My 8 year old  grandsons eye tears constantly. Could this be a blocked tear duct ? I have heard of infants having them, but not a child his age. If it is a blocked duct, is surgery the only recourse ?
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It does sound quite possible the the drainage system is blocked ("stones" can form). An eye doctor may be able to clear it with an instrument short of surgery. Get it checked out.

As a 47-year-old adult, I have suffered with blocked tear ducts for many years.  The opthamologist inserts an arc-shaped needle into the tear duct and squirts a solution in.  When I feel the liquid at the back of my throat, the block is cleared.  However, they start to block up again within a month or so after clearing.  What can I do to prevent them from blocking so frequently. 

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