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Constant body buzz

Posted by tikitorch99

I have expereinced, since I was a child, a continuous sensation of being in full contact with a very slight electrical charge.  I have had moments that it has briefly stopped (neurontin helps) and the only way I can describe that feeling is when you are driving along and hit a small patch of fresh, smooth pavement and it feels like butter.  I feel like I'm constantly on the rough gravely road of buzzing nerves.  It's getting to be exhausting and I'm afraid to mention it to the doctor because I don't want to seem like a wack-o.  I already feel guilty about having depression, which I think is in part due to this constant hum/buzz of my nerves.  Can you point me in a direction to start figuring out what this is?
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Thanks for the suggestion :-)

I'm already there (Thankfully!)  :-), have a very healthy diet, multivitamins, fish & flax oils, Vit D, Calcium... nutrition was one of the first things I corrected many years ago.  What I put in my body is in my control, where as what my body does isn't necessarily. 

I don't believe the buzz I experience is related to the depression/anxiety, because when those are in a good place, the buzz is still present.  I need to identify the issue before I find a proper resolution.  Since I know a healthy lifestyle isn't resolving the issue, I'm trying to identify exactly what the root cause is and label it so I can find that solution.

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