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Conflict of Interest in JAMA Abortion Study

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:12pm

Yesterday the Journal of American Medicine reported that Unborn Babies "probably did not feel any pain before 29 weeks." When I read this I wondered, "Did they ask the babies?"

I also wondered, "Why even ask this question and report it in such a prestigious publication? If the babies did feel pain would they stop abortion?" Seems like guilty consciences to me!

Since yesterday, there has been an outrage that JAMA failed to know or reveal that 2 of the 5 authors of this study had very close ties to the abortion industry. One actually runs an abortion clinic! Oops!!

Over 500 articles came out on Thursday in various newspapers reporting this "tiny" mistake!

It is becoming common for virtually every study coming out of prestigious organizations to fail to CLEARLY STATE the conflicts of interest that exist in those doing the study. It happens regularly with studies from the CDC, NIH, IOM, AMA, JAMA, FDA, ADA, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The American public SHOULD suspect virtually every study for HIDDEN bias coming from these organizations. It is rampant!

Even worse is when the authors of a study fail, or pretend not to even SEE a conflict of interest. Consider this amazing statement; Dr. Philip Darney, chief of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at San Francisco General Hospital, defended that decision, saying in a statement: "The research team does not believe that being an abortion provider is a conflict of interest."

Are you kidding me?! We are supposed to think this man a credible person??

When I heard the story reported as "science" I knew the other shoe was going to drop and likely drop quickly! First, it is a political hot potato and the foes of abortion were NOT going to allow this to go unchallenged. Second, it is well known that premature babies born even before 24 weeks absolutely feel pain and when operated on, are anesthetized to shield them from pain.

Let's see - a 24 week old baby outside their mother feels pain, but a 29 week old baby inside their mother feels no pain? Logical?! The bias was obvious to me and I figured it was just a matter of time before it would be revealed. With the blogosphere, I had only to wait a matter of hours!

I hate it when the media simply parrots anything that is politically acceptable to them without asking ANY questions, but viciously attacks anything they don't like. Don't believe everything you read in the newspaper!

RealChoice makes a great analogy... (HT: Hatful of Hollow )

"So the results of this "study" boil down to the equivalent of research by R. J. Reynolds showing that cigarette smoke doesn't have any effect on children."

And don't forget The Silent Scream.

A RELATED ITEM: I am the CEO and founder of Jigsaw Health and I realize that when I write a post about a new study or article that relates to a Jigsaw product, there is an inherent risk of appearing to have a conflict of interest.

For instance, I reported yesterday on a study that showed a handful of pecans a day lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL (good) cholesterol. Jigsaw Health sells organic pecans, so OF COURSE I'm going to link to our page about pecans in the post! After all, I want Jigsaw Health to be a successful company and to do that, we've got to sell products.

But I really try VERY hard to NOT blog often about Jigsaw products (this week being an exception) because I am very aware of being written off as a "marketing shill" and risking no readership.

So I hope the readers of this blog (that humble me by continuing to come back day after day) enjoy ALL (or at least MOST) of the content on my blog. And please realize that when I write about Jigsaw products, I am hoping that it will generate sales! But not because I'm trying to trick anyone into buying anything! That's the LAST thing any good sales person ever wants to do because it creates an unhappy customer base! If ripping off customers was really my motive, I would have made Jigsaw Health a multi-level marketing company!

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