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Concussion Recovery

Posted by Austin B.

I get a lot of concussions. How can I get better faster and make my head hurt less...???
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Joking? I hope?. Could it be possible that you're joking about this? A concussion is a very serious thing that involves the swelling of the brain! And if you go to sleep during a concussion and your brain swells too much, you could never wake up. What is it that you're doing to get several concussions? Maybe you mean you hit your head a lot? In that case, my answer would be Be careful!!!
Concussions are nothing to be joked about. They're a serious matter.
C.L. R. and Meredy are both very right. Trauma to the head that causes any degree of sudden confusion or loss of consciousness  has caused damage to the nerve cell connections within the brain. There is some recovery after each injury, but the recovery takes weeks or even months. Worse, these effects are cumulative and can be permanent. Each new injury causes even more damage than the previous.  So wear a helmet when you are bicycling/blading/skateboarding/skiing, stay out of fist fights, and just don't hit your head!
My partner suffered a major concussion last week hospital let him go home only to call stating I had to rush him back because they missed a  blood clot on his brain when they did  CT scan , how dangerous is a blood clot and will it desolve it's self. I am so worried he is dizzy the force of the impact gave him two black eyes and has blood in his right eye his eyes are bruised that bad the eye balls are now a shade of yellow.
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