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Collodial silver will kill you...bacteria!

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:17pm

(Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.)

NewsTarget warns that the EPA is going to use a nanotech regulation ploy to target colloidal silver while ignoring all other nanotech particles.

"This is not a regulation designed to protect the environment from nanotechnology, it's a stealth ploy that selectively attempts to remove colloidal silver from the marketplace," [Mike] Adams said. "Silver was gaining momentum in the marketplace as a safe, effective and natural antibacterial element. It cannot be patented and directly competes with antibiotics, antibacterial cleaners and other products from powerful corporations. That's why Big Business had to knock colloidal silver off track and regulate it out of the marketplace."

Yeah, I think Mike is right.

I sent an email to my contact at Natural-Immuongenics, the makers of Sovereign Silver, to get their take on what's going on here. I'll ask him to post a comment reply.

Jigsaw Health sell Sovereign Silver and I've personally used it many times to fend off an oncoming sore throat. (Of course, I do tend to throw the Jigsaw Health " kitchen sink" at myself whenever I feel anything coming on, so maybe this is a thinks not.)

Compare Sovereign Silver with other Silvers:

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