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College Football Playoffs: What About The Players?

Posted Dec 07 2012 10:03pm

Earlier this year, the NCAA signed off on a new college football playoff system for the bowl-level teams.  The real motivation behind this is simple: money.  But what was curious to me is that no one mentioned the potential health impacts on the players.

There is growing data on concussions and football.  Adding other games to the schedule will, by default, increase the risk of concussions.  Also, the teams going to the playoffs will be the bigger, faster teams, and so the hits will be that much bigger.  In addition, players in the playoffs might naturally take more risks since the stakes are so high.

For example, Tennesse won the national championship in 1951 with a record of 10-1.  Once the new playoff system begins, it’s possible a team would have to play 15 games to win a national title.  That’s 4 more games of hard-hitting action.

Are players now somehow now more immune to concussions than they were 60 years ago?  No, and therefore a college football playoff will produce revenue at the expense of potential injuries and concussions among the players.

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