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Collagen Injections When Incontinence Surgery Fails

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:14pm

The results of a research conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre found collagen injections can help women who still experience stress urinary incontinence after surgery.

Lead researcher Dr. Phillip Zimmern said:

“The collagen injection is also a good alternative for those who cannot afford recovery time from surgery or are too medically unfit or frail to undergo a second surgical procedure to cure stress urinary incontinence.”

Collagen injected into the tissue surrounding the urethra, tightens the urethral sphincter and prevents  urine from leaking.

The study monitored patients who received a periurethral collagen injection between January 2000 and December 2006, Dr Zimmern (lead researcher) and his team used a 3-D ultrasound to pin-point the exact location and volume of collagen remaining in the urethral walls several months after the first injection, to ascertain when a second injection was considered.

Where the ultrasound indicated normal collagen levels but the patient was still experiencing cases of stress incontinence, another therapy was suggested. Besides that, the study received a 93% positive feedback from patients who considered themselves clinically improved or cured.

Dr. Zimmern stated:

“Women need to know they do not have to live with stress urinary incontinence. Although collagen injections might not work for everyone, the option is out there, and patients need to communicate with their physicians that they are afflicted with the condition to discover what treatments are possible.”

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