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Cold and Flu Season - Add Coca Tea to Your Arsenal

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:39pm
I awoke feeling nauseous from a post-nasal drip due to allergies. I have year round allergies and fight them with over the counter medications like most people do. But when my stomach acts up -- I grab the Coca Tea because it really has a wonderful calming effect.

But my allergies are nothing compared to the flu going around. The Centers for Disease Control said that although the intensity of the flu this year is nothing special, the spread of it is HIGH. You may have had it or surely know someone who has. For me, a good bunch of my family has dealt with it.

Add Coca Tea to the arsenal and calm the stomach. Sip it slow, sip it often. There is no caffeine in Coca Tea and it acts as an anti-spasmodic on the stomach. NyQuil, Tylenol, Coricidin, etc .... and Lupi, Windsor or Inka.

Buy some today!
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