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Clinton's Health Care Plan vs. Obama's Health Care Plan

Posted by Kristen D.

In the race for the democratic presidential nomination, health care has been a major talking point.

I wonder what fellow Wellsphere members feel about Hillary Clinton's proposed Health Care Plan, which would require all-Americans to have some form of health insurance, and about Barrack Obama's proposed plan, which would provide quality, affordable insurance to those who want it, but it would not be mandatory to have insurance.

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I am never for forcing a person to spend their money a certain way. I like the idea of personal responsibility, but making the responsibility affordable. Really, if they would cut down on malpractice suits and the subsequent insurance, doctors could lower their fees. In the meantime, if the Feds have to force something, let them provide vaccinations for free in the public schools. That's a public health issue.

This topic is a valid one and addresses a very real need for some kind of answer for the needs of the American people. However, I don't feel that either proposal has any merit if we can't get all sides of the government on board. It's going to take working together to come up with a solution.

This is an interesting topic for debate... car insurance for example, is required (at least in CA). I'm not comfortable with Clinton's idea of requiring Americans to have health insurance, but on the other hand, I'm not sure Obama can make health care affordable. If Obama can make health insurance affordable and people can choose if they would like coverage, I would prefer his plan.
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