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Churg Strauss Syndrome;Mysterious Illness Strikes At Nigerian President

Posted May 16 2010 12:00am

This is not a new ” News Story ” and I have seen this referenced for a few weeks at the very least but I felt that now might be the time for me to finally post this article that is from the site titled ” 1888 Press Release ” that has the following post titled ” Churg Strauss Syndrome: President Umura Yar’Adua’s Mystery Illness ” below is a small part of the post below…

There has been much mystery and misinformation surrounding the Nigerian President’s illness and death. Churg Strauss Syndrome is a small vessel vasculitis which is often misdiagnosed, or diagnosed late, after permanent organ damage has occurred. “

Vasculitis is a family of potentially life-threatening diseases of unknown cause linked by blood vessel inflammation and an overactive immune system. Left untreated, most types of vasculitis can cause serious organ/tissue damage and may lead to death. Currently there is no cure, but proper and early treatment allows most individuals to live near normal lives. “

If you look up more information about this article you may find the following l;ink to this article on the site Sahara Reporters with a post with the same basic title, but with a little bit of a different outlook on the tragedy of the death of the president…

May 13, 2010: The recent death of President Umaru Yar’Adua of Nigeria and the confusion surrounding the nature of his illness, gives opportunity to raise awareness of Churg Strauss Syndrome, which reportedly was the cause of his death. Churg Strauss Syndrome is a very rare form of small vessel vasculitis, or inflammation of blood vessels, which may affect any organ system. The hallmarks of the disease are late onset or worsening asthma and hypereosinophilia. Untreated, the disease is almost always fatal. “

What I find a bit dismaying is the fact that it takes the death of someone of predominance, who suffered with this

” ” and who can generate national concern on what is and continues to be termed a ” Mysterious Disease ” to be able to even shed a sliver of light upon something that I have been living with for almost three years now this coming June…

I have to wonder just how many of us ” Non Important ” throw a way, expendable people will have to continue to suffer with this so called ” Mysterious Disease ” before some real attention is directed toward it.

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