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Churg Strauss: Recovery Through The Mind/Body Connection Part 2: How Do We Get What We Really Want

Posted May 29 2010 12:00am

Hey There Everyone.

Your probably thinking ” what’s up with the clouds up above there…I’ll get to those in the accompanying and hopefully engaging text below….

It’s the beginning of the Memorial Day Weekend, and for the first time in two years, I am not convalescing in our local hospital, Orange Regional Medical Center and I am long overdue to get this second part of this series written and so here we go…

Having a vascular condition such as Churg Strauss Syndrome brings about all types of questions and concerns, but I think that what has become a huge concern for anyone living with this and any other vascular condition or disease is just what our Minds play in dealing with a condition, and so as I stated in part one in this series, someone who I regularly follow ( although not as much lately as evidenced by this post being a bit later than I would have liked ) is Yaro Starak who is the owner of the blog Entreprenuer’s – has done a series of posts about “ Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life? ” and this new series of posts that you are currently reading, are in response to and are an attempt to adapt the principals and ideas presented in Yaro’s series of posts, for my reading audience.. for the person who is dealing with Churg Strauss or some other vascular condition and I’m pretty confident that anyone reading these posts, basically wants the same thing that I want and that’s to be as healthy as possible…all things being put in perspective of course.

And as I’m trying to wake up today on a lazy Saturday morning I want to place the emphasis of this second post on a simple statement from Yaro’s second article…

And I want to clarify this term proactive…

” proactive [prəʊˈæktɪv]


1. tending to initiate change rather than reacting to events
2. (Psychology) Psychol of or denoting a mental process that affects a subsequent process

[from pro-2 + (re)active]
Now right here in this definition is the point to all of this…
This is what I feel it all comes down to for anyone who suffers with any type of disease…we have to be able to initiate a ” Mental Change ” in order to move forward…here let me explain this simply…
We all pretty much have a set routine that we follow everyday..

This is a basic staple of our daily routine, waking up at the same time Monday through Friday to start our work day, and this carries over to our weekends also I think, as most of us ( at least as we grow older ) have this ” waking up at the same time ” everyday thing ingrained in us and so our bodies are conditioned to rise at this certain hour of the day…even if we really would rather not do so.

Okay, in fairness to some who actually cannot work due to their condition, I think we can adjust this to ” Leaving The House For Your Doctor Appointment(s) ” and I know from experience that this ( doing either one of these things ) routinely everyday can have a terrible mental effect on us.

As I stated above I can certainly speak from past experiences here as I remember when I first came home from the hospital for the final time in early June of 08, that I still had many follow up doctor’s appointments as my condition actually seemed to take a turn for the worse for a little while after being home…of course I had complications due to my still having a ” stone ” that had to be removed, and then the issues with the sudden rise of the Neuropathy, and also following up as to just what type it was which led to my being tested and subsequently being diagnosed as being ” Pre-Diabetic, I certainly had many moments where the everyday routine placed a terrible burden on me mentally.

Alright, I think we have arrived at the point I wanted to direct you to which is basically this…

Okay, I know your saying right now…huh? What the heck are you referring to Lew?

Think about this for a moment …and this is another statement I’m pulling from Yaro’s post okay…

Our mind interprets what stimulus we send it…when I’m at my job ( and again I work in an enclosed work environment ) the mental picture it receives is of a large, closed in work place, with overhead ” yellowish ” florescent lighting, which is really not very bright, and is in direct contrast to what I know are the outside conditions which usually on most days ( even in winter  ) can be a very bright day full of sunshine, blue sky and inviting Cumulonimbus cloud cover..can you picture this scene in your mind right now…no…glance outside your window right now…if it’s a sunny day where you are right now, and you happen to be inside peering outside your window, then it’s basically the same thing I’m describing to you here…your inside looking at a beautiful day outside..

So what do you do…in order to shift your mental perspective, in this case you ( and I ) need to step  ” Outside ” in order to enjoy this beautiful day…of which I just did…and saw that my backyard needs some trimming by my fence! :)

In order to drive this important point home if not to you than most certainly to myself…I had to physically bring on a change in order to shift my interpretation at the moment of where I was, thus changing my surroundings in order to send my mind a new mental image to process.

I proactively changed one small little aspect of my life, a minuet part of my total day, just to have a much better interpretation of my busy and harried life..if only for a fleeting moment.

A moment which gave me what I really wanted and needed at that time…a better perspective on my life and a sudden change in my daily routine…if only a momentary one.

Okay,  I know that this was not an easy concept to grasp, but simply put…there are somethings in our daily lives, which we simply just cannot avoid having to do, but we can send our mind a different interpretation, a different mental perspective if you will… a deliberate action on our part that will cause… a mental shift of focus in order to get what we really want and or need at the moment, which is basically a different outlook on our circumstance at the moment…and sometimes this is all we really need in order to get what we really want.

Okay, so in part the third of this series, I want to take this concept and delve a bit further into it…by taking a closer look at ” Optimism ” and how this can relates to a better outcome in getting what we want

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