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Christchurch Hospital Anaesthetists Drug overdose on Propofol

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm
This Anaesthetist at our local Hospital was injecting propofol into himself while present at surgeries. Oops sorry he would go to the toilet to do it then return to the patient. He died sadly.

I commented on Happy Hospitalist's post the other day regarding this topic. I read in a British Hospital Journal a few years back while I was living there about the sad statistics regarding Suicides, Divorce rates, Mental Health issues, and Drug and Alcohol problems. It appeared that Anaesthetists had a higher mortality and successful suicide rate compared to any other speciality. They were not entirely sure if it was due to the accessibility of toxic substances, lack of natural sunlight due to being enclosed in theatres for extended hours, and or the general misconceptions around anaesthetists and their footing and often unappreciative by fellow Surgeons. I always believe and appreciate that my life is completely in the hands of the anaesthetists  during surgery. They keep people alive in I.C.U's , resuscitate in Emergency Rooms and General Wards , manage pain, nausea etc in palliative care etc. Their job isn't highly recognised and that is unfortunate.

Veterinary Nurses are trained to manage and monitor anaesthesia in Vet Clinics. The Nurse injects the premed,  the drugs are administered/ monitored by Vets including the litres of Gas/02 to be used and direced for the Nurse to administer.
I know myself when having monitored an animal under anaesthesia you are always looking for signs that an animal is declining, lightening(waking up) having a reaction.

The machines must be checked before each patient, by the nurse, she assists with the gassing down, restraining/calming the animal for induction, assists with intubation/exubates, wakes the animal up and post recovery vitals and monitoring.Including preping the animal(scrub, shaving etc)
They do basically the job of the anaesthetist during surgery and she must be competent enough to carry out her job while the Vet performs surgery.

How can I compare animals to humans. You can't, however its a life you are responsible for and hangs in the balance during surgery and post operative recovery. If it dies you feel responsible. Sphere: Related Content
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