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Chow To My Beloved Chocolate, Cheese Puffs and Diet Pepsi-Hello Apples and Water-Time To Get Back To Basics!

Posted Mar 02 2010 5:40pm

Hi everyone! I feel like I have been so behind at blogging lately and I really miss it and all of you! I have been working quite a bit and being very bad on my healthy eating and work out regimes. Chocolate and diet Pepsi have been frequent visitors to my taste buds and the chair has been my jogging path.

My clothes are getting tight (uh oh) and my booty is getting big (even worse-lol). Bad Health Nut Wannabee Mom!! Okay so what am I going to do about it?? Well I considered throwing myself in a snow drift and crying and crying but that really won't help soooooo I am going back to the basics-what always has and always does work for me. I am going back to lots of water and green tea, plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy grains. I am even meeting with a personal trainer on Thursday to work my bigger than usual booty into shape again. Where I work is very into health and fitness so they have an offer that they will reimburse 70% of the personal trainer cost once you complete your 24 sessions!! That was an offer that I could not refuse and the motivation that I needed. So I guess I have to say chow to my excess chocolate and diet Pepsi and hello water and apples. I can't wait to start feeling mentally and physically better. It is easy to write this while enjoying a bowl of chocolate ice cream . I wonder how much fun I will be having eating that lettuce tomorrow-lol!
I will keep you updated and I will soon be back to commenting on all your great blogs.

Best to you all!!
P.S. I forgot to mention the cheese puffs! Now I am really starting to feel scared!
How can I live without the cheese puffs? This is going to be harder than I remember. Those bad habits can be bad to break!
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