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Chest Tightness, Ear pressure, and mucus

Posted by elenac027

i have been struggling with chest tightness since december of this year. i went to the doctor and went through a methocoline challenge and other pulmonary tests. i was given advair and that seemed to work for a few months but then the symptoms came back. i then went to the allergy doctor and was tested for allergy and came back with allergies to dust mites, cats, grass mix, and tree mix. i was prescribed a nose spray and symbocort and that didn't touch the chest tightness. now my chest tightness i mean that when i get up and go i feel like i am taking a lot of shallow breaths to keep up. so i went back to my family doctor and she thought that maybe it could be anxiety. but now i have been sinus symptoms! i have gotton sinus infection since i was 12 years old every year. now i am getting a lot of pressure in my ears and a lot of mucus in my throat that i am CONSTANTLY swallowing. could this be chronic sinus infection?? please help because i am at the end of the rope... my allergy doctor has no idea and i feel my family doctor doesn't quite know either. has anyone else had these symptoms? help!
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