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Chest pain

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:43pm
2 part post. I give you the scenario then you tell me whatever comes to mind. Ready? Good here we go.

Residential structure fire. 30's male attempts to gain access to neighbors burning house with the thought that someone or someones pets are inside. While making the attempt the house flashes over causing the windows where the patient was standing to blow outward. Patient was enveloped by heat and smoke which knock him over. Patient is immediately up and moving. 30 minutes later patient develops nonspecific chest tightness and has productive cough with black mucus. Pt is in care of medic on scene who has called you to assume care and transport. Pt is on O2 by cannula, SR on the monitor no ectopy, has IV established. Upon your arrival to scene you find patient sitting on couch a&ox3, pupils perrl, skin p,w,d. pt has soot on face. Upon inspection no obvious burns around or in nose or mouth, no obvious soot in mouth or nose. Patient is unable to take deep breath without coughing but is able to speak clearly with no stridor or hoarsness. Patient has inspiratory and expiratory wheezes heard throughout upper and lower front and back. His only complaint is of chest tightness and cough.

Ready? Treat my patient. GO!
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