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Chest Pain not associated with heart attack

Posted by JDragun2

Hi guys, I've posted about this once or twice, but I figured I would ask again. I get this pain in my chest, actually more like ON my chest. It feels like it is directly on or under the skin. My shirt aggravates it when I have the pain. The pain is not terrible, just mildly aggravating. Usually taking a few Advil helps for a few hours. Some days it doesn't hurt at all, and other days it starts up midday for no explainable reason.  It usually hurts right to the left of or on the sternum, but occasionally the pain is on the right side, or below my pectorals. It always feels like surface pain and not internal.

I went to the hospital twice when it first started happening, had bloodwork and EKGs that were all normal while it hurt and after. I use the word Pain loosely, b/c there isn't another word I would say a 2 or 3 out of 10. If it isn't my heart, could I have pulled something in my chest and re aggravate it every few days?

I am having bloodwork done for an array of autoimmune diseases as my opthamologist found ocular inflammation during a look at my floaters last week. I'm a bit nervous about those results, but not much I can do while I wait for 3 more days for the results. 

I am at a loss, I thought it could be stress or anxiety, but it happens when I am not stressed at all. I do get chest related stress pain but that feels very different and calming down immediately relieves it, but it seems like NSAIDs or acetominophan is the only thing that helps the other "uncomfortablilty".

 Anyone ever go through this before or have any ideas? I am 27 yr old male, no previous health problems, I am in the midst of quitting smoking (as of today, and yes, it is very hard) I do not drink and I have been sober of all drugs for 4 months. I used to smoke marijuana, and occasionally do extacy, which my doctors know, and said it was unrelated. And by the way, being sober feels great, with the exception of all this crap. Oh I have no family history of heart, or lung problems before the age of 70+ yrs.

Thanks all

 Oh, using a rice heating pad helps and sometimes relieves the pain altogether but not always.Could this be sigs of costochondritis?

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It could be costochondritis or another condition called Tietze syndrome.  Typically, these conditions resolve over several months and are considered benign.


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