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Chest cold with difficulty in taking deep breath.

Posted by JDragun2

Hi guys,

     My doctor said I have a virus that is causing chest congestion (wheezing) a dry cough, and difficulty in taking a deep breath. I've felt like this for 6 days already and missed some school and work. She gave me a steroid inhaler to use for 5 days, which I am now out of, and an albuterol to use every four hours as needed [which is every four] I don't have a runny nose, fevers, lethargy, or the other signs of a cold and my chest xray came back normal.

      The inability to take a deep breath is the only thing that is keeping me from being active and is driving me crazy, and the dry cough kinda bites too. My lymph nodesunder the jaw and in my neck are a bit inflammed, but I am not coughing up any yellow or green mucus.

      Anyway, what I am getting at is this: how long will this breathing issue last? It is day 6 now and I am supposed to be back at school tomorrow, but walking around campus really leaves me breathless. Could this be something worse that my doc didn't find? Or is this one nasty chest cold that will last for a long time?

      The onset was sudden, maybe 2 hours while at work. It seemed to get better two days ago, but is back to square one today? Please help, I'm going crazy.

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